Here’s why Google and Yelp could be your worst enemies

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There is a big elephant in the room and you might not be paying enough attention to it.

The elephant is Local Listings. Yes, a very very valuable resource to restaurants. Yet, some might not be paying enough attention to it….

Are you?

Well… let me tell you why should you.

Money, you like money right? In that case… you should be at the top of local listings because of this simple reason:

  • According to a survey, 9 out of 10 customers who look you up on a listing will actually buy within a week!

graphic of when local listing users buy

Actually two reasons:

  •  7 out 10 customers actually look you up online before they buy from you

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I hope I got your attention now, because if you are not, you might be losing 70% of your clients…

Now, what are local listings exactly?

Local listings are online directories. Think of Yellow Pages supercharged. For restaurants, some of the most popular are Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook Page, Zomato, iMaps, among others.

Some of these companies have already uploaded your restaurant, others may not.
Something you have to understand about these directories is that about 80% of your customers may be looking for you in there and not all customers will search for you in more than one of these directories.

Everyone has their favorite, actually… I am very confident no one will. Truth is, no one has the time, so you can be very sure that if customers don’t find you in their directory of choice they will simply order from someone else.

Like I said, not paying attention to these tools or thinking that since they are already set up customers will come can be a biggie…

Think about it, you may think you don’t have time to learn all of these tools but actually these tools will allow you to add your full menu to their site. This alone would save you a lot of dead time spent answering menu questions over the phone.

Another HUGE benefit of these platforms is that they allow you to manage your restaurant’s reputation. What do I mean by, “manage reputation”?

I mean, right now if you have been in business for a while your restaurant is going to be at least on one of these platforms and customers are already leaving reviews. Good or bad the reviews are there for everyone else to see.

Again, if you are not paying attention it could be brutal for your business…

Let me ask you a question, what would happen if one of your customers tried to make a complaint at your restaurant but he/she was ignored. How would that customer feel? Would they come back? Of course not, and worse they are probably going to rant about it with their relatives and probably convince at least one of them to never come back to your restaurant.

Why do I bring this up? Well, this could be happening everyday on these platforms and if you are not paying attention and engaging with these customers, bad reviews will be there for everyone to see and this will affect a customer’s decision on whether they should try your restaurant.

If you are still not convinced you can let us do it for you, we have built a complete machine that puts this whole process in autopilot, check it out:

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How we spend $1 to promote restaurants to 740 customers

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We have a big problem!


Restaurants try to go the traditional route and advertise on places like yellow pages, yelp, or the local newspaper but consumers just aren’t responding and many are giving up on trying to advertise their establishment.

We get it. The “normal” channels for advertising aren’t really made for restaurants and that’s why many restaurants give up on trying to run the race.

But are there any tools that restaurants can use to reach new customers?

Let me tell you a story, when we heard about it we knew we had to share it with you all.

Red Tractor Pizza is a pizza restaurant, and like many pizza restaurants they were struggling to find new customers. After hearing all the noise going around about social media they decided to dip their toes into it.

What happened next was shocking…

RTP started to post daily updates, sharing social events that happened at their restaurant, uploading photos when one of their customers had a birthday. Customers started to love it!

Everyone knew they had a new event and they didn’t even had to advertise it! They just posted an update and thousands of happy customers saw their post…

Wait a second, thousands?… Yep, RTP gained a massive audience of 2,279 customers on facebook.

rtp facebook page header


This really goes against what many restaurants think is possible with social media.

Many restaurants hesitate when trying to start doing social media, because they just don’t see what is in it for them, and we understand that.

But tell me, what would be the return on investment if you spent 5 minutes uploading a picture and  immediately 2,279 eyeballs were looking at it?

Amazing right? But you probably don’t have the time to figure out the ins and outs of these platforms, so we decided to put a strategy together for you.

Something as easy as, Copy. Paste. Send.


Idea #1 Publish as often as you want your customers to think about you


The biggest mistake that many restaurants who decide to start using social media do is to publish once per week, I have seen even once per month!

The strategy that we want to follow is very simple. Post as often as you want your customers to think about you. Repetition is the key. And you don’t have to try to get fancy with it either, what we recommend is that you post pictures of your food, and with the picture write a little delicious description that would make your customers hungry for your food.

You can see here an example of how Buffalo Wild Wings engages his customers by writing a compelling message, “Who could use a beer right about now?”


example of good facebook ad copy


Idea #2 Take your most popular post and give it a boost


We talked about how conventional ad space just isn’t meant for restaurants, but today I will show you how you can leverage the power of Facebook advertising to reach hundreds of local customers for just $1

picture of facebook reach


We took a screen picture of one of the facebook campaigns we run for a client. In this example we are targeting anyone above 18 years old that is within a radius of 3 miles from our restaurant.

Facebook gives us an estimate of 280-740 people we would be able to reach with our post if we spend $1.

Can you see the power of this tool?!

We are reaching about 500 customers for only one dollar!

So all you have to do now, is take your most popular post and give it a boost and you will have customers drooling on their phones for your food!

Now, I want to keep this guide short but hopefully this is getting your creative fluids going!

This is just another one of those Think-Outside-The-Box ideas we like to present to you in our blog.